Do you want a playground in which you can design new pages and sites constantly? Do you get lost on the Internet looking at beautiful designs and awesome sites? Do you often find yourself saying, “Know what would be cool?” then using your free time to build fancy web apps? If so, you’re probably the person we are looking for our to work in our interactive laboratory. 

A strong foundation in web design (or graphic design) and web development (or computer programming) is a must. The preferred candidate will have a degree in Computer Science, Information Sciences, or a related field. Candidate must be self-driven and self-motivated. Coffee is provided.

You will sit in on our daily creative meetings to come up with exciting new ideas for clients who want to reach people via the web. It’s our job to present them with killer proposals that are FUN for our users to interact with. Then we must execute the idea quickly and awesomely.

Absolutely required: 

·       “YES!” attitude and ability to develop under tight, and sometimes short, deadlines. 

·       Expertise and 2-3 years experience developing with Drupal 6 and 7.

·       2-3 years XHTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, PHP and MySQL.

·       Ability to build a theme utilizing programmed php template files from scratch.

·       Strong knowledge of content management systems and frameworks.

·       Experience with clustered sites, site building, and content management. 

·       Ninja-level understanding of Unix server, domain, and database administration.

·       Excellent communication and organization skills. 

·       Ability to design Web pages that function in ALL browsers, even IE7. Yes, even IE7.

·       Modern graphic design sense.

·       Ability to work under tight deadlines.

·       Willingness to learn new skills.

·       Ability to investigate problems.

·       Ability to incorporate the latest social media trends into our pages and assets. 

Bonus points will be awarded for any of the following skills:

·       Experience with advertising modules or ad-serving software.

·       SEO experience.

·       Previous Drupal module development and extensive knowledge of the Drupal API.

·       Database and server performance optimization experience.

·       Data duplication and remote backup experience.

·       Mobile application development skills.

·       Project management experience.

Job is headquartered in Altoona, PA where houses are cheap, people are friendly, and the beautiful mountain views are plentiful. Some travel required. Some training of fellow employees on CMS will also be required. 

Show us what you’ve got. Send us, at the very least, one site you’ve designed from the bottom up. Please include numerous samples of your web/graphic design skills and tastes. Feel free to include sandbox projects or other cool stuff you’re working on. Show off, brag, and let us know how excited you are about webdev & design! (Oh yeah, don’t forget a resume, cover letter and salary history.) 

Email this information to: webjob@foreverradio.com

All inquires will be held in strictest confidence.  Forever of PA Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.