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Debbie Newell

I lost my son at age 5 from Cancer and when I got married we placed his picture on the altar so we knew he was there with us.Well the photographer took a bunch of pictures of the altar and took them to get developed and low and behold there was a picture of an angel over my sons face! The place that developed the pictures couldn't believe there eyes either so they asked for permission to copy the picture so they could display that there are truly angels out there!!

Jody Shepler

It happened one morning when I was driving. I had my son with me to take him to daycare on my way to work. We live out in the country where the roads are smaller. I just cam up over a hill and a huge log truck met us at the top. He was going so fast and there was barely enough time for me to move over. I screamed and we went into an embankment. When we stopped I asked my son if he was okay. He said he knew we were going to be fine because he saw the angel push us and she had beautiful blue wings.

Laekin Mae Martin

When I was 6 or 7 I remember eating in the dining room and looking down the steps it seemed as a little boy and girl running into the laundry room, I wanted to play and I ran downstairs and I couldn't find them, I remember being really confused. They do say when kids are younger they tend to see ghosts

Brooke Fogal

We have this clock, it was my great grandmothers, well it has no batteries in it and it doesn't spin like its suppose to this clock goes off almost instantly when I walk into my mothers kitchen. Not daily but usually a couple times a week, always when i am thinking about my great grandmother. Is it just a coincidence?

Megan Mascuch

I havnt experienced anything myself, tho I wish I would. I do believe there are things out there! Heres A story about my niece. The day she was born my brother got a call saying my nieces mom just seen my pap standing outside her window looking down at Faith (nieces name!) He got mad and said no you didn't, don't say stuff like that my paps at home. Well not some time passed that we got a call from my gram saying my pap passed away. Faiths mom told us what he was wearing and its exactly what he died in. Till this day we say he wanted to stop and meet her b4 he passed through.

Chris Cuppett

Every Sunday morning I wake up to find that a ghost has not only drank the thirty pack of beer I had in the fridge, but also had the nerve to eat half the food out there and leave the door open so the other half spoils. It's horrible. There's crumbs and sauce and empty cans everywhere! At first I was scared but it seems that's all this ghost wants. Its just irritating now. My girlfriend, Tai Keiper, and I are sick of looking for this ghost.

Brooke Ickes

Yes, my daughter used to talk to an old lady in the basement of my old appartment. When i asked the landlord if an old lady ever lived there, he said she did luve in the appartment below us. Ever since then I am a believer.

Lucyrocco Brady

25 or so years ago...my dad took my little sister deer spotting. In one of the fields, in the middle of nowhere, they saw a woman standing. My dad, who never believed in ghosts before, pulled up beside her. He asked her if everything was ok and if she needed a ride. She didn't answer. My dad asked her again and shined the flashlight on her face. He said "she was dead'. My little sister came running into the house screaming, "we saw a witchy!!!" My dad was crying and I had never seen him cry.

Brittney Dodd

We used to live in an old farm house in Bedford that was haunted. I knew there was something wrong with the house when we were fixing it up to move in.. we found petrified cats in the attic. Anyway In the middle of the night I'd hear what sounded like a basketball bouncing on the old wooden floor in the large rec room between all the bedrooms, but when I'd open my door nobody was there.. just the noise and then it would stop when I'd say "hello?". Many times I'd hear people talking in the living room downstairs.. I'd come out of my room and stand at the top of the stairs listening and watched as I saw shadows on the wall, but when I crept down.. there was nobody there and all the lights were on. I'd shut them off and back to sleep thinking I was crazy.. until I'd get to the top of the stairs and the lights came back on, and the voices and shadows were there again. Freaked me out! I'd lay in bed under the covers hoping it would go away.. I didn't stop hearing it until we moved out a couple years later. Nobody ever believed me

Dawn Allen

I had a picture that I took a few months before my little brother in law passed away a month after his 18th birthday. After he passed when looking back threw pictures there was a halo of light above his head. I absolutely believe in Angels

Jami Ray

two people died in my home just two weeks before i moved in. i've heard multiple noises and a friend actually saw two figures, a man and a woman standing in my door way, after waking up at night. (without me speaking a word about the couple that died) i feel a little uncomfortable sometimes, knowing i share my home with a couple who has decided to pop in and out but at the same time i feel relaxed because i know these two are harmless. almost like my 'at home guardians.' i've always had paranormal experiences..

Mike Young

One time at my house we had a closet door that was near my brothers bedroom. One night we heard a loud noise and immediately everyone woke up and the closet door from my brothers room was down the stairs. We still can't figure out how it was possible for that door to get ripped off its hinges and thrown down the stairs!

Chrissy Weber-McKnight

Ohh yeaa..My husband nd I never believed n ghosts n then about 5 yrz ago we lived n Portage on top of this bar on Caldwell Ave n in the livingroom we had a sheet up 2 keep the cold air frm the ac in n we were in the middle of having "relations" 1 ngt n i seen something outta the corner of my eye n looked n jumped so my husband looked n the sheet was pulled 2 the side n this figure of a man was standing there watching us n he had 1 of those weapons frm hundreds of yrz ago thats like a stick with a ball on the end with spikes on it n then when we both looked he disappeared. Our kids always used 2 c things b4 this n we never believed them until this happnd. N every1 who worked or lived there all complained of weird sightings n such! It was really creepy!

Brenda Davis

I had an experience .about a year ago I was working in a nursing home .I was helping take care a priest who was dying and I was standing by his bed talking to him .and when I was standing there his eyes were closed and he was shaking his head yes and a couple of seconds later I felt someone touch my shoulders and I felt this warm sensation go down my back .and he smiled .and there was no one else in the room either so yes I do believe in angles .I know his angle was there with him .he was a very special person anybody who got to meet him you were always treated with kindness by him. So I was not even scared the day I felt a presence in his room I was honerd to have the chance to know him .

Anna Marie Vitarelli Richardson

Yes the first night in our home something hugged me and sighed in my ear while I was doing laundry in the basement. Thought it was my husband and no one was there. My husband had to do laundry for the next 3 months. Lol

Kristan Gray

Yes I do, the night my Grama passed away I went to the bathroom and looked behind me and there a voice in my head was telling me pray to god that you don't want to see her again until you go heaven I closed my eyes and said a pray and she was gone.

Brittani Barbour

I was at an old grave yard one night with friends and thats an unusual place to have a ghost encounter. I first heard i childs foot steps when there was no wind then a lil later saw a white figure not completly clear but alil taller than me both legs n arms. I watched it stand and look at me for a short moment then run away dissappearing into the night.

Joe Schenk

I was living with my Gampy at 17 and one night I opened my eyes cause I felt someone watching me. I saw a little indian girl that was scallped. I put my pillow over my head till morning and then moved out. I didn't tell anyone what I saw and a few months later my cousin had friends over there for halloween and the brought a wiegee board (I know that's spelled wrong lol) the board said a little Indian girl who was murdered and scalped lived there and her mother was trying to find her. I left and never went in there at night again.

Ashlee Valenti

I took my 2 year old daughter to get baptized in April and my mother recorded the whole baptism and the whole time there were orbs in the video floating around my daughter

Lauren Matevish

I definitely believe in spirits. When my grandpap passed away, all the clocks in my grandma's house and my house, including my grabdpap's watch, stopped at the exact time he died.

Rachel Wagner

When I was younger we had an experience that scared the hell out of me. My bedroom was in the attic I was up there painting my nails I had a plastic jewelry box full of nail polish. I closed the box and put it on my bed cuz I got spooked out and decided to go to my sisters room well about an hour later we started hearing loud noises as if someone was digging through silverware or something we yelled for my mom but no answer. We'll the next day I went up to my bedroom and that box full of nail Polish was spread out all over the floor there is no way it could've fell and to this day I think that noise we heard was someone going through my box . Creepy

Leah Brown

I have a guardian angel print framed and on my wall. 5 years ago when I was still living with my mother, I woke up in the morning and it was neatly placed on the pillow on the empty side of my bed. I went to my mom to ask if she had done it, she hadn't. A few days later I was in a horrible accident that completely crushed the driver seat in my car. I got away with a broken ankle and shoulder blade. I'd say that's cause to believe in God and angels

Danelle Williamson-moser

My little boy sees a man in our home my son is three so I called in ghost hunters and there is a guy in my home we have a six bedroom home and the down stairs is like a apt it has one bath three rooms and he lives in the one room he had to of followed us from our old home cause my son seen him there also he tells us guy then the one nite my right year old daughter slept down in the red room and she woke me up by screaming the top of her lungs trying to get out the back door she still has them and if never happened before

Jordana Roedan Sierer

Yes, after a bad car accident last year, there was a scar of what looks like angel wings from one of my injuries. It was not there before but I know my guardian angel was looking after me. I still have the scar and I hope it never goes away.

Rick Berkheimer

A few years ago I was at the funeral home for a friend. I turned the corner when leaving and would bet anything that I saw him standing near the door. I had to double look at the person cuz I swore I saw him. I still believe it was him.

Ashley Kay Marsh-Lawhead

When I was about 3 or 4 I used to have a ghost or spirit friend that used to come talk to me at night. The one night he told me to tell my mom that my sister would be okay, not to worry... The next day she fell off a stool and cracked her head open. She needed a few stitches, but was fine just like the old man told me she would be. My mom also told me about a crib that someone had given her when I was born that they ended up destroying because it was possessed or something... Made all kinds of crazy noises and moved around the room with me still in it. My uncles and grandpa chopped it up and burned it. I think when you're a child you're more open to the spirit world because you're more open to the idea of it being real, adults have too much doubt and skepticism unless they had an experience themselves when they were younger.

Drewann Gaydos

Earlier on this year I was on my way to get my tattoo for my great Aunt who passed away two years ago. I was driving a bit over the speed limit when a car pulled out in front of me and I was probably a foot away from hitting this car. Something came over me and I definitely felt my Aunt with me. Ever since then I believe in angels.

Marissa Catherine

When I was little and we moved into my grams old house. The people who lived there right before us after my gram. Did all kinds of crazy which craft stuff in that one room. Well I didn't know that and I moved into there. It basically messed with me nightly. I remember once I was laying under the covers talking on the phone at night and the end of the phone cord started moving. I pulled back and then my phone got ripped out my hand. I jumped up with my eyes closed and ran for the door. I forgot the door wasn't open so I hit it and fell back. Got up again with eyes still closed opened the door and took off out side.

Netty Yohn

last christmas my dads spirit came to us we were takin pictures of my daughter opening gifts and when we went to look at pics he was clearly here it was amazin to see my dad after 4 yrs of bein gone and missed

Jen Macak Plank

My mother was in the basement with my grandma, waiting for my aunt to come over. My sister was a baby and asleep in the room above the kitchen. My other aunt was due to come over. My mom heard a voice call down the steps to them "Where are you?" they said "we're down here, come down". Again they heard "Where ARE YOU?" They went upstairs and a pot on the stove was on fire right below where my sister was sleeping. No one was up there, and my aunt had something come up and wasn't able to come over that day.

Shawna Ramsey

A librarian died in the house we moved into about three years ago. Soon after, my 12 year old autistic brother looked at me in horror to "make her stop touching his leg" it happened on multiple occasions.

Andrew Monkeywrench McConnell

I actually talked to my grandfather who was dead for 30 years and I can still to this day sense see and speak to the other side

Amanda Drenning

Yes of course.my grandfather passed 4 years ago and since my grandmother and brother have both seen him.I myself have felt is presence and one day out of nowhere a picture of my grandfather and It fell off the shelf where it had been sitting for years. Scared me but then I realized it was just him joking around like he alway did.

Jessica Smith

I definitely believe. Too much strange stuff has happened at my house to say otherwise. One time, I watched a coffee mug go flying past my mother's head. It was the middle of the afternoon and I spent days trying to debunk it. I couldn't.

Kayla Noelle Knapik

We had/have a trer cam back in our woods. My brother went to get it and we were looking at the images that were caught. And there was an image of a very very tall man and he was dresses as an ancient american indian. But no one lives out here except us and its all blocked off and was only there from 7 until 7 and the image was taken a few minutes after my brother walked away. Very creepy.

Sheena Alec

I believe only because of my grandmother (who is half Cherokee.) She forsaw several of her immediate family's deaths because a raven comes and taps on the windows of where she's living, and will follow her from room to room to get her attention. Every time, without fail. Needless to say, it puts us all on edge when it happens.

As a child, she also saw some spirit at the end of her bed that proceeded to crawl underneath it when she yelled for her mother. The following morning, it was found that her sister that she shared a room with had passed away sometime during the night.

Creepy stuff.

Jean Young

We hear footsteps walking up the steps & into our daughters' bedroom, & the door will creak open. It sounds like a coal miner's boots, which makes sense, living in an old mining town. One of my daughters felt someone move her hair out of her face while she was sleeping, & my mother felt someone sit on the edge of her bed, then lay down beside her. We also have a ghost cat that looks just like one of my cats. Our neighbor said he had a cat that looked just like mine, & he's buried in his back yard! Good thing we have friendly ghosts...lol.

Crystal Gindlesperger

Yes i definitely believe. My oldest son always seen the guy in our old house. My son was 4 he would scream and cry saying the guy didnt want him in his bedroom. My son wouldn't sleep, play, or even go in his bedroom. I asked the previous owners about any problems they had. They didn't have kids and never had an issue. She did tell me a man commited suicide in the room we used as our sons. My sons 12 now and to this day if we go by that house he gets all tense and says he's still there mom i can hear and feel him.

Angie Plummer

Yeah our old jeep used to do crazy stuff.. Our house, we would hear footsteps upstairs and my son used to tell me he always saw a little girl in his room. He literally gave me goosebumps when he said that and I know he was telling the truth cuz when he lies he can't even keep a straight face or look at me.. It went on for months about the little girl.

Chrissy Britton Yup

many experiences earliest i remember being 7 and walking thru the alleys back in philly during the blizzard of 94 and the snow was fresh and not walked on ahead of us(me and my cousin) we felt like someone was folowing us but no one was around so we ddecided to climb along the chain link fence and looked back in the fresh snow we didn't walk on was large foot prints but no one was there

Linda Hoover Noel

In 1992 we had a fire at our house my oldest son was 3 then now 24. I had all his Christmas presents wrapped and up in the attic. I thought I lost everything. Turns out all his presents appeared in my mom's bedroom nothing was burnt. The fire started in the attic.

Rhonda Summers

I wish I had the picture but I believe in both , there was a picture of a few friends and I after our friend passed away and right in between the one girl and I , you can see a formation of someone .

Victoria Harshbarger

When I was younger, my mom, my sister, and I were at my grandparents' house while they were away on vacation. I blacked out, and when I came to, my sister and mom were staring at me with horrified looks on their faces. They proceeded to tell me I said "turn off all the lights" in a voice that wasn't my own. To this day, I still have no recollection of it!

Holly Eckenrode

While watching a play back of a video my sister in law and I had made of my kids we heard a garbled but plain voice that was not anyone's in the room that said" ahh, everyone is watching me" and I also get random smells of cigarette smoke in my house

Elizabeth Imler Folta

When my oldest son was about 18 months he used to roll a ball and he would always stop about 6in from the side of his old style wooden play pen, and then roll back to him he would giggle and do it for hours. I believe he had a playmate

Tabitha Smith

when i was young and my baby brother got sick and past a way my sister would tell my mom someone was knocking on the door. my mom would look noone was there happened 3 times then my sister answered it and said mom the angels are here u looked up and saw 3 angel flying in after they came in my brother had past away on us very sad bc my sister thought angels were bad and she let them in to take him from us

Billie Zahurak

Absolutely. I had three experiences in our haunted inn in Gettysburg. Two I could count out as "in my head", but the third, no way.

Kristine Hartley

@jojomorningshow a friend and I went to Gettysburg about two years ago and went on a Ghost hunt with the little handheld devices. The entire hunt our two devices were the ONLY ones going off like crazy! You could feel the presence of the ghosts and how close they were to you. Completely insane but totally awesome!

Bill Hewitt

I heard voices in the kitchen looked around and no one in any of the rooms
Then the next night. I was in bed lying on my side and I felt a cold feeling on my arm like something was trying to pull me to turn over
Pretty freaky but pretty awesome at the same time

Shelley Esposito Burke

As I was pulling out of my great aunts driveway leaving her house, My mother, my aunt and i saw my great uncle standing at the doorway as I was leaving just watching us pull away. the weird thing is that he had lost both of his legs at a coal mining accident many years ago and was in a wheel chair and could never of been standing as he did not have prosthetics, and he had been dead for 3 years, but looked as real as him being there alive.

Deanna Smarsh Nagle

2 weeks ago well leaving work a strange light that was out of sorts moved in front of my vehicle at night,well I was getting in the car. it just felt weird like I wasn't alone.

Autumn Marie

My brother passed and my daughter who bus almost two and never meet him will talk point and even say I love you to the celling when I ask who she is speaking with cheap smiles and says unc yimi my brothers name is Jimi Sorenson

Marina Coley

I was in gettysburgh at a hotel that was believed to be haunted and they tell ghost stories ib the basement of the hotel and i was sitting there and i felt somthing tugging on my hair i turned around no one was there . 5 minutes later the story teller said there was a little boy who had died down in the basement & he loves playing with girls hair. I was outta there after that!

Lauren Alana St.Clair

I was driving down a back road with one of my friends once and I swear a ghost crossed the road in front of me. It had the perfect outline of a body and it looked like smoke but a little to realistic to be smoke, It was crazy weird!

Amanda Fait Figard

Yes, I use to run with an ambulance and went to a very bad motorcycle accident where the man died on scene. It was very upsetting for me then later that day a friend took me to an ice cream stand to try to help. A man pulled in on a motorcycle came up to me grabbed my arm and spoke to me like I knew him. My friend kept telling him to please let me alone. I began to cry the man then patted me on the back smiling and said I just wanted to say thank you then left. I truly believe in angels, ghost, and spirits.

Amanda Wagner

I was driving down 95 with a trailer on the back of my van. As I'm in the center lane the trailer comes off the only thing holding it on there was the chains. I know somebody had their hands on that trailer, because it didn't come off it didn't hit anybody and I was able to safely get it on the side of the road. It was not swaying and it didn't smash the back of my van everybody was okay. I have angels looking over me and that was the reason I believe .

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