Season of Believing Day 7: Believe in Pets

Submitted Wed, 12/12/2012 - 7:21am by Web Gal

The news is full of stories every day about dogs, cats, birds, horses etc. who save the lives of their owners. Pets are amazing and loyal!

Sometimes pets save the lives of people other than their owners! We love this story of a tiny little Shih-Tzu who noticed the neighbor's home was on fire, and barked and barked to alert his owner, Julia. Julia called 911 and ran next door to awake the family of six who lived in the burning house. 

Little Halia was awarded a steak dinner. 

Watch the full video here! 

Believe in Pets 

Pets are frequent visitors at Home Nursing Agency’s Adult Day Centers. The animals have a unique ability to bring attendees out of their shells to enjoy the company of one another and their furry friends.

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