Season of Believing Day 2: Believe in Random Acts of Kindness

Submitted Fri, 12/07/2012 - 6:00am by Web Gal

Welcome to Day 2 of our Season of Believing series! Believe in Random Acts of Kindness.

It's easy in the holiday season to get overwhelmed with stress. We see stories in the news about people trampling each other over a DVD player sale, or you've probably had a friend already share a story of someone butting in line at the store or cutting them off on the street.

Today, to celebrate and promote the TRUE holiday spirit of giving and kindness, we wanted to share a few random acts of goodness that are sure to make you smile - and we all know that happiness is contagious!

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Mystery person buys someone a new site of tires. Original Source: CLICK HERE

Believe in Jimbo! Source: Click here

During Hurricane Sandy this fall, many residents of NY and NJ gave what they could. Here a neighbor opens up their outlets to people who needed to charge their phones. Source: CLICK HERE

Random Acts of Kindness can be big!

Or Small!

Or involve no money at all:

"After falling from a ladder, Larsen was confined to a hospital bed and had to endure a long and painful recovery. Fortunately, he received many visitors and cards...His hospital room was filled with flowers. The explosion of color and fragrance brightened his day and his hospital confinement. Sadly, many of the other hospital rooms in Knoxville, Tennessee were entirely bare of flowers. His solution was to go back to his own room, remove the cards from his bouquets and give them away to flower-less rooms on the ward." Read the full story here. 

Healing Patch – Believe in Hope

When a child faces the death of someone they love, hope may be hard for them to find. But at the Healing Patch: A Program for Loss and Hope for Grieving Children and Their Families, children find friends who are also dealing with loss and learn that it is okay to have hope and enjoy life.

Thank you to Home Nursing Agency for making 25 Days of our Season of Believing possible!