Season of Believing Day 1: Believe in Best Friends

Submitted Thu, 12/06/2012 - 8:02am by Web Gal

Welcome to the first of 25 days of Believing! From now until the end of the year, we're all about warming your heart with stories that embody the spirit of the season. Today, Home Nursing Agency brings you the story of three best friends who prove that some connections can never be forgotten. You may have seen this but we bet you can't watch without getting a little bit misty!

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The Season of Believing special feature is made possible by the folks at Home Nursing Agency, who wanted to provide uplifting and caring service to all of its patients. 

Lights of Love – Believe in Memories

During the holiday season, many times our thoughts turn to those we love – our family and friends who celebrate the joy of the season with us and those who are no longer here but whose memory burns brightly in our hearts. Home Nursing Agency’s “Lights of Love” holiday giving campaign gives the community the opportunity to cherish the memories of those we love and give a donation to “shine their own special light” in recognition of those memories.