What's On Your Travel Bucket List?

Many Americans are hoping to one day go to Hawaii.  The 50th U.S. state tops the list in a Capital One travel survey, with 57-percent saying they'd like to visit the Pacific island chain during their lifetime.  Just under 40-percent want to see Arizona's Grand Canyon, giving it the number two spot on the list.  Niagara Falls, in upstate New York bordering Canada, appears on the travel bucket lists of 35-percent.  A third aspire to one day walk the streets of New York City, which rounds out the top five.  The only international location in the top five is Australia's Great Barrier Reef, which ranks fourth with interest from 34-percent of the respondents.  However, 58-percent admit they've never created a "travel bucket list."  And among this group, 49-percent haven't gone to any of the locations they'd like to visit before they pass on.