Weekend Movie Box Office Results

Melissa McCarthy is back on top at movie theaters in the U.S. and Canada.  McCarthy's comedy "Identity Thief" reclaimed the number one spot at the box office by selling 14-million dollars worth of tickets over the weekend.  Second place went to "Snitch."  The Dwayne Johnson vehicle made its debut with 13-million dollars in receipts.  Third place went to the new animated film "Escape From Planet Earth," which took in eleven-million dollars.  "Escape" features the voice talents of Brendan Fraser and Jessica Alba. 

Here is a list of the top ten films at the weekend box office:

1.  "Identity Thief" - 14-point-one-million-dollars
2.  "Snitch"  - 13-million-dollars
3.  "Escape from Planet Earth" - eleven-million-dollars
4.  "Safe Haven" - ten-point-six-million-dollars
5.  "A Good Day to Die Hard" - ten-million-dollars
6.  "Dark Skies"  -  eight-point-eight-million-dollars
7.  "Silver Linings Playbook"  - six-million-dollars
8.  "Warm Bodies" - four-point-seven-million-dollars
9.  "Side Effects"  --  three-point-five-million-dollars
10.  "Beautiful Creatures"  - three-point-four-million-dollars