Tonight Show Moving Back To New York???

Reports are circulating about the "Tonight Show's" possible return to New York City.  The "New York Times" says a plan is in the works and that Jimmy Fallon is a part of it.  The paper claims NBC has made a commitment to the "Late Night" host to replace California-based Jay Leno as host of "Tonight" and that the network has quietly begun work on a  new studio in New York for a Fallon-hosted "Tonight" show.  NBC is refusing to comment on the move.  A rep would only say that they are building a new state-of-the-art studio for Fallon. 

"The Tonight Show" originated in New York in 1954 with Steve Allen has host.  The show moved to Burbank, California in 1972 to give then-host Johnny Carson more access to Hollywood guests.  Jimmy Fallon currently hosts his "Late Night" show out of the same New York studio where Carson was hosting "Tonight" before his move to Burbank.  Reports have been circulating for weeks that Fallon is being groomed to take over from Leno next year.  Leno, meantime, has reportedly angered NBC execs with jokes about the network.  According to the "Times," NBC said Wednesday it was smoothing things over with Leno.