Taylor Swift Sells One Million in a Week!!

Taylor Swift's "Red" isn't just last week's best-selling album.  Billboard.com says the disc is already the third-best seller of 2012, and could move up on the list.  In its first week in stores, Swift's fourth studio set sold one-million-208-thousand copies in the U.S. -- which averages out to two albums sold every second.  In addition, "Red" made up 19-percent of all albums sold last week, or roughly one out of every five CD purchases.  Swift's disc accounted for 63-percent -- or just under two-thirds -- of all country album sales.

The biggest-selling album of 2012 is Adele's "21," which since January has rung up more than four-point-one-million in sales.  But "Red" isn't far behind the number two disc on the list.  One Direction currently holds the runner-up spot with "Up All Night," which has seen sales this year of one-million-315-thousand.  Swift's sales total for "Red" trails by only 106-thousand.