Rod Stewart writing an autobiography

 Rod Stewart says one of the perks to writing an autobiography is the opportunity it gives to put "all the lies and myths to rest."  The rocker shared some of the details of his storied life Tuesday on ABC's "Katie."  While Stewart acknowledged his "terrible" track record with women, he says the tables were turned when Rachel Hunter broke his heart.  Rachel was just 21 years old when they married, and 24 years younger than Rod -- factors Stewart admits were a problem for them.

  But the one trapping of a rock 'n' roll lifestyle Stewart says he never fell victim to was substance abuse.  The singer admits he would indulge periodically, but credits his love of soccer to keeping him from going too far into the drug scene.  And he's officially clearing up the tale of his supposed encounter with a group of sailors in a gay bar.  Rod says a former publicist started the rumor as a way of getting his revenge after being fired, but it's "definitely not true" and he's "as heterosexual as they come."  Stewart's memoir, "Rod: The Autobiography," is in stores now.