Paul McCartney lends Billy Joel a hand with stalker

Sir Paul McCartney apparently has the goods on how to silence a cyber stalker.  He's who Billy Joel apparently turned to for a recommendation.  It seems the Piano Man's daughter, Alexa Ray, had been the target of a woman apparently obsessed with thoughts of doing bad things to the 27-year-old singer-songwriter.  But, with a little help from Paul's people, Alexa Ray can breathe a little easier.  A source tells the "New York Post," Joel hired a bodyguard to protect his daughter and contacted the Beatles legend who recommended a Europe-based private security firm.  The "Post" says the firm's reps tracked down the woman, Sheryl Finley, and found her naked in the woods in Austin, Minnesota.  She was charged with stalking.  

The harassment, which reportedly included Facebook posts threatening sexual and violent physical assaults and murder, got so bad that Alexa Ray was afraid to leave her Manhattan home.  According to the "Post," Finley, who reportedly spent a few months in a mental institution in 2010, told police the things she allegedly threatened in her messages were not things she wanted to do "during this life."  She also reportedly expressed hope that Alexa Ray would not "object to meeting with her."