Monsters University Tops Weekend Box Office

The monsters schooled the zombies at the box office this weekend.  Pixar's' "Monsters University" -- the prequel to 2001's "Monsters, Inc." -- raked in an estimated 82-million dollars in ticket sales across the U.S. and Canada, easily beating "World War Z's" take of 66-million dollars.  "Monsters University," which features Billy Crystal and John Goodman once again lending their voices to the animated "scarers," is Pixar's 14th consecutive film to debut at number one.  Meanwhile, Brad Pitt's fight against a zombie pandemic in "World War Z" gave the actor his best opening weekend yet.  Pitt's previous high-water mark came in 2005 when "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" opened with 50-point-three-million dollars.  As for the rest of this weekend's box office, "Man of Steel" drops from number one to number three after bringing in 41-point-two-million dollars in its second weekend.  "This Is the End" is at number four with 13-million dollars, followed by "Now You See Me" at number five with seven-point-nine-million dollars.

Box office top ten:

1. "Monsters University" -- 82-million dollars
2. "World War Z" -- 66-million dollars
3. "Man of Steel" -- 41-point-two-million dollars
4. "This Is the End" -- 13-million dollars
5. "Now You See Me" -- seven-point-nine-million dollars
6. "Fast & Furious 6" -- four-point-seven-million dollars
7. "The Internship" -- three-point-four-million dollars
8. "The Purge" -- three-point-four-million dollars
9. "Star Trek Into Darkness" -- three-million dollars
10. "Iron Man 3" -- two-point-two-million dollars