Michael Jackson Music Thieves Caught

A British court has sentenced 100 hours of community service to two men who hacked into Sony Music's servers with the intent to steal unreleased recordings by Michael Jackson.  James Marks and James McCormick pled guilty to computer misuse charges and downloading almost eight thousand files.  They were arrested for the crime in 2011.  Both men are in their late 20s, and admitted to using their home computers to exploit a weakness they have found in the servers.  They claimed they were looking for evidence to prove the rumors that some of Jackson's posthumous releases were actually sung by an impersonator.  Apparently both Marks and McCormick were big fans of the late King of Pop. 

After last week's sentencing, the Crown Prosecution Service head Gregor McGill told the "Daily Telegraph" that the men were fully aware that they were breaking the law and "took steps to sell on and share the music with a wider audience in internet forums."  Following the hearing, Marks tweeted that he "fully" accepts the consequences of his actions, apologized to Sony and wants to "move on" and rebuild his life.