Lindsay Lohan Update!

A judge is signing off on Lindsay Lohan's preferred choice of rehab facilities.  Just hours before the Thursday deadline to prove she had enrolled in a treatment program, the actress made a last minute decision to check in to a facility in California rather than the previously-sanctioned New York program, reportedly over a smoking ban at the East Coast facility.  The Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach will allow Lindsay to light up as she works through her 90-day program.  Lohan was ordered into treatment as part of a plea agreement for charges she racked up after a collision on the Pacific Coast Highway last June.  On Thursday, the judge said the Morningside facility "appeared to comply" with the conditions prosecutors asked for and saw no reason to find Lohan in violation of her plea agreement. 

A hearing is set for May 10th to determine if all sides are satisfied with Lohan's treatment at Morningside.  Lindsay's lawyer must show proof that the actress has completed her treatment by July 31st.