Last minute Halloween costume ideas

Halloween is here!  Because TRICK OR TREAT has been postponed in many towns, you still have time to work on your costume.  CLICK HERE for the new schedule. Here are some ideas to help you put together a last-minute costume from what you might already have on hand.


Got green or purple balloons?  Blow 'em up and...  You're grapes!

Have some poster board?  Make a tombstone. Use stretched out cotton balls for spider webs. 

Use Elmer's glue or other school glue mixed with food coloring to make fake wounds.  Grab some old clothes, rip in a few places and apply your glue wounds.  You decide if you're a chainsaw massacre victim or a zombie.

Pantyhose + coat hangers = fairy wings.  Glam them up with paint or glitter.

Use black pantyhose for the wings, wear a yellow shirt and you're a bee.

Other ideas:

Two-liter bottles can be turned into a "jet pack"

Aluminum foil can be turned into all sorts of accessories.  Antenna, swords, shields and more