Kids Eat More Vegetables With Dip

Most Americans recognize the importance of eating vegetables, but admit they're sometimes tough to get down on their own.  Nearly 80-percent of the parents taking part in a new T. Marzetti Company poll say their kids are more likely to eat vegetables served with a dip.  Just under half of the respondents add that they're also more inclined to eat vegetables if some dip is in the fridge.  Three-quarters believe veggies and dip are a good everyday snack, and not just party food.  Eighty-percent think broccoli, carrots, and celery are the best dipping vegetables, but just under 50-percent like mushrooms and dip. 

Guys are particularly drawn to dip, with twice as many as men than women saying they'll only eat vegetables with dip.  And 76-percent agree it's "never OK" to double dip.  But dips aren't the only way to boost vegetable consumption -- convenience helps as well.  Nearly 70-percent say they'd be munching on vegetables more often if they could pull pre-cut, ready to eat veggies from the fridge.