Frankie Muniz Stroke Update

 Frankie Muniz says he's doing fine after suffering what's described as a "mini-stroke" a few weeks ago.  The former "Malcolm In The Middle" star says the health care took him by surprise.

Muniz, who turned 27 last week, says he knew something was wrong while riding his motorcycle after a workout one day.  A mile into his ride Muniz said he lost all peripheral vision and felt the right side of his body going numb.  When he got home, he said his fiancée couldn't understand the words he tried to formulate.  He was taken to the hospital shortly after where doctors diagnosed him with a mini-stroke.  Doctors said Muniz suffered a temporary loss of blood flow to the brain but said the actor did not suffer any permanent damage.  Tests are still pending to find out what caused Muniz's mini-stroke.  In the meantime, Frankie says he's working on taking better care of his health, sharing that he still eats like a "12 year old kid."  He says he's trying to include more vegetables in his diet and reducing his stress levels.