Firework Cookies

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4th of July Poprocks Firecracker Cookies

4th of July Poprocks Firecracker Cookies
Whether it’s for Memorial Day or the 4th of July, we seem to be on a mission to find the coolest red, white and blue, items and ideas to celebrate America.

I have to say, the Poprocks Firecracker Cookies are a hit with kids of all ages!

Not sure what Poprocks are? Ask any kid and they’ll tell you all about them, in great detail.

These might look like pretty cookies decorated with cute little sprinkles, but wait until you bite into one!

The unsuspecting guest that mindlessly pops one these babies in their mouth is a sight to behold.  The ensuing Poprocks explosion deserves a spot on candid camera.

Decorate your favorite cookie recipe with a touch of frosting and srinkle with red and blue Poprocks.  If you’re not on enough of a sugar high at this point, you can also mix the Poprocks into the cookie dough (not as “popping”.)