Favorite Shows Not on DVD

A lot of obscure TV shows end up on DVD faster than some more remembered shows (ex. Street Hawk).  Yet, some shows seem to never get the DVD treatment.  One long delayed show is "The Wonder Years."  It ran from 1988 to 93 and won various awards.  The big problem for its release lies with music licensing.  If you remember the show a lot of popular music was used throughout the show.  To release the program to DVD for purchase rights fees need to be arranged.  A Fox Home Entertainment rep says "there are no confirmated plans to release "The Wonder Years" on DVD. 

One other show that used a lot of popular music is getting a DVD treatment.  "China Beach" ran for 64 episodes from 1988 to 1991.  The groundbreaking show told the story of the Vietnam War through the eyes of the female miltiary.  Its being released with original music intact through Time Life.

I guess we "Wonder Years" fans will just have to wait.