Dallas Returns Tonight!

Larry Hagman's final days as J.R. Ewing will begin airing on TNT tonight.  Hagman, who popularized the conniving TV oil man, appeared in a handful of episodes for the second season of the new "Dallas" before his death last fall.  Producers have promised a proper send-off for the iconic character, though they have remained mum on how J.R. will meet his end.  J.R. became the talk of TV teasers during the summer of 1980 after the character was shot in a cliffhanger season ender on the original "Dallas."  The "Who Shot J.R.?" question became a nationwide phenomenon.  The answer was revealed later that year in what became one of the most-watched episodes in television history.  And, as it turned out, J.R. lived to see another day and many more seasons on "Dallas." 

But with Larry Hagman now gone, so too is J.R.  Hagman died last November after a battle with cancer. He was 81. The second season premiere of TNT's "Dallas" kicks off tonight with a two-hour episode starting at 9:00 pm Eastern.