Are You Really Happy?

Most Americans believe they're caring and upbeat individuals with a favorable outlook on life.  Just over two-thirds of the respondents in a Brodeur Partners survey would describe themselves as "compassionate."  Nearly 60-percent would call themselves "happy," while half of those polled say they're generally "optimistic."  Age seems to play a role in contentment, with 70-percent of those 65 and older calling themselves "happy."  Women are also more likely than men to say they're "happy," "compassionate," and "optimistic."  Income plays as role as well -- to a point.  Those with annual earnings between 75-and-100-thousand-dollars are the most likely of all income brackets to say they're "happy," "compassionate," and "optimistic."  Happiness seems to be linked to marriage as well.  Nearly two-thirds of married respondents report being "happy," compared to just 45-percent of single respondents.