Are Weddings Recession Proof?

Weddings appear to be recession-proof.  According to and's annual "Real Weddings Study," just 26-percent of the women who got married in 2012 say the economy had an affect on their wedding plans.  The price tag of a wedding also continues to climb, with the average ceremony last year costing nearly 28-thousand-500-dollars.  The most expensive place to tie the knot is Manhattan, where the average wedding budget in 2012 was 76-thousand-687-dollars.  But couples spent significantly less throughout the rest of the New York metro area, which takes third on the list with the average cost in the 39-to-49-thousand-dollar range.  Chicago ranks second for expensive weddings, with brides, grooms, and their families shelling out an average of 49-thousand-810-dollars on the event.  Weddings in Northern, Central, and Southern New Jersey ranged from 35-thousand-375-to-48-thousand-496-dollars.  Rhode Island couples set aside 47-thousand-399-dollar for their wedding.