Academy Awards This Sunday

There's lots of excitement surrounding this Sunday's Academy Awards.   This year there's something unusual in the Best Supporting Actor catagory.  Each of the five actors has previously won an Oscar.

Christoph Waltz who is nominated for "Django Unchained" won a few years ago for his role in "Inglourious Bastards."

Philip Seymour Hoffman nominated for "The Master" won for his portrayal of "Capote."

Robert DeNiro who is nominated for "Silver Linings Playbook" won twice for "The Godfather" and "Raging Bull."

Alan Arkin is nominated for "Argo" was a winner for his role in "Little Miss Sunshine."

Last but not least Tommy Lee Jones is nominated for his role in "Lincoln".  He won an Oscar for his role in the Harrison Ford movie "The Fugitive."