200 Dollar Penny

Michael O'Higgins is offering to pay 200-thousand-dollars to get a very special penny.  According to the "South Florida Sun Sentinel," the coin is a rare 1943 copper issued penny that was minted during the Second World War.  At the time the United States used most of its copper for shells and minted zinc-coated steel pennies.  In 1943, however, a few copper pennies were minted with the few remaining copper blanks.  Even though the exact number of copper 1943 pennies is unknown, it's thought that there are perhaps 40 or more.  Those are the coins O'Higgins is after because they may fetch up to two-million dollars depending on their condition.  So far, O'Higgins hasn't found his special penny, but he's working hard to track one down.  He's even taken out an ad in a local weekly paper promising a "200-thousand-dollar reward" to anyone who may own one.